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Hitting the ground running in 2018

While we officially reopened from the new year break back in January 8th, it's been such a whirlwind of new websites and Google projects that the whole month of January has just flown by.

We'd like to wish all of our clients the best for 2018 and we're looking forward to all of the new projects that will flow through our studio over the coming months.

Already for January we have designed and uploaded 8 new website design projects (as further below) and we're working through the booked projects for February & March with more coming in each week.

Maximise your Google real estate on the first page by adopting multiple marketing strategies

As they say in the game of Monopoly, the one who has the most property always wins. The same is true with your website footprint in search engines.

With so many options as to where your business can be promoted on the front page, and with limited spaces for each of these, having the most real estate on the front page of Google not only means better exposure for your business, but also less exposure for your competitors.

There are three main areas of the front page of Google where your business can appear

1. Google AdWords
These are the sponsored listings which appear first in searches. They appear at the top of the page and are marked with a green 'Ad' icon to differentiate them from the rest of the listings. These sponsored ads are a major part of our service repertoire and we manage campaigns for over 200 clients. Google AdWords is also known as Search Engine Marketing or (SEM)

2. Google Maps
After the ads there is usually a few map listings. These are essentially free after some verification as to the location of your business is performed. We can help with this and can prepare the required Google My Business account to commence the verification process.

3. Google Organic Listings
These make up the bulk of the search results and appear after the map listings and AdWords ads. Google organic listings are based on website merit to the search phrase. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services have been achieving top position results for our clients for years and are very effective at maintaining one of the limited organic positions.

The best part is that we can assist your business to occupy all three of these locations

By adopting our proven SEO & SEM services we can allocate the most amount of real estate on the front page of Google for your business. This helps your business with the obvious extra traffic it will bring to your website, as well as the credibility gained by having your business name and links to your website appearing multiple times on the first page.

Even better, there are a maximum of 3 sponsored ads at the very top of the page, usually only 3-5 map listings underneath that and then 10 organic listings. Each of these spaces we get your business occupying also means that it can't be occupied by a competitor.

Have an obligation free chat with one of our Account Directors to see how we can help your business achieve these results and get you the most property on the front page of Google searches.

Contact Tiffany on 0417 967 510 or Peter on 0417 619 786 to find out more.

Looking back on 2017 from the Allcorp team

It's been a very busy year and we have worked with clients on more than 125 new website design projects throughout the year along with many SEO & SEM Google marketing programs to help local businesses get the most out of their online advertising.

To wrap up the year, here are some parting words from members of the Allcorp team.

We wish everyone the best for the upcoming holiday season and look forward to working closely with everyone in 2018.

Tiffany Marcantelli

I’d like to thank everyone for their time spent with me this year and those that have warmly welcomed me into their business and home offices. It has been a full-on year with lots of positives and seeing everyone make the conversion to 4k UHD and implement new Google campaigns. It’s always reassuring seeing everyone understand the importance of their digital marketing and seeing all your efforts turn into fruition. I’ve enjoyed hearing all the great feedback and return you’ve made on your digital marketing investments.

At this time of year, as we enter the festive season, it can be a little overwhelming with Christmas upon us and the New Year, which approaches quicker every year. Don’t forget to enjoy this time of year, be festive and merry and enjoy your well-deserved breaks – you have all earnt it. Have fun with your families and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

I look forward to seeing you all again in 2018!!

Happy New Year 😊

Peter Mayer

Hi to all our fellow cyber space travellers,

We survived the highs and not so lows of 2017 and we have all met and even exceeded the demands that this global network is putting on us…and that is really great news.

What ever your plans are for the coming holiday season I hope you find it an enjoyable, relaxing and a stress free experience. Entering 2018 you will appreciate that you can continue to elevate your business by incorporating all the benefits you will achieve when you embrace the services of Google and its business partner in the north, Allcorp.

Steve Irwin

Well it has been an interesting year with a server change thrown in to test friendships and sleep requirements. Happily it is now smooth sailing with a faster and more powerful server pumping out all those 4K pages and web apps.

I will be hovering around with the tool kit over the break and hoping to catch up on some sleep while the rest of the office parties.

Thank you all for your patience over the last 12 months and may we have smooth sailing for 2018!

Sherene Mayer

Hey fellow travellers thanks for being on board with us.

Seize the days ahead…get some rest…have some fun…and always count those blessings…and don’t forget to take time to smell the roses or may I say the hibiscus!!

Bril Mayer

How fast did 2017 go! We produced so many great projects this year and have heard some excellent feedback from clients who have experienced stellar results.

I am fortunate to have overseen every single website design and Google marketing project we have produced in 2017 and there are some real standout examples of how small to medium businesses can achieve real results from modest budgets - It's all about spending money in the right places and, working closely with our Google team, we have seen excellent ROI for our clients.

While I will be away driving through Europe very soon I'm confident that 2018 will be a great year and we'll return from the break being the biggest driving force in professional website design and Google marketing services.

Would you like to have an obligation free discussion with one of our website experts?

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