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Check out what's new in the website design and marketing industry in Cairns & Townsville

Are AI bots costing you unnecessary spend?

If not controlled correctly, Google’s AI bots could be making silly decisions that could be wasting your money

These days basically all technology providers such as Google and Facebook, use their own artificial intelligence (AI) systems to make automatic adjustments to your marketing campaigns. These AI bots are deployed to streamline your ads, where you target and what keywords are being linked to your ads account.

The problem with these supposed super intelligent, class leading AI systems is that they can often be quite stupid. And it gets worse when Google announces their policy shift where partner agencies, such as us, are forced to accept the automated changes applied by their AI systems to remain a Google Partner.

If you are running any sort of digital marketing and your agency isn’t managing the AI systems effectively, you’ll be wasting your budget in a matter of months. At Allcorp we provide the highest levels of management for our hundreds of advertisers and are diligent in fighting off the stupid suggestions of their AI.

For example, we have an advertiser who owns a pool shop and when we were doing our monthly maintenance on their account, we found that the AI systems Google use had demanded that they use headlines in their ads that contain common search terms used to find them in the campaign. While some of these automatically applied suggestions were valid, the AI system had decided that because people were clicking on this client’s ads from a search for a competition business, then the name of that competition business should be in the ad headline.

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Another example of the constant AI battle is with location targeting. For some reason, Google’s AI has decided that Noosa is close to Cairns & Townsville and keeps trying to place the client ads in front of users in that area, irrelevant to the advertiser as they can’t service customers that are 1600km away.

At Allcorp we are the most experienced Google Partners in the region and have been in the partner program since 2015. In that time we have managed a portfolio of hundreds of advertisers and have seen the Google Partner Portal evolve significantly. We manage the limitations of the Google AI bots and make sure that they don’t get carried away and start manipulating the advertiser’s campaigns irrelevantly.

If you are paying for Google Ads or Facebook Boosts yourself, or using a less experienced agency, you will most likely find that you are wasting a lot of your budget due to their AI systems being overzealous and not controlled. At Allcorp we believe we provide the best digital marketing maintenance service for all of our clients, and this includes fighting the AI programs that are trying to destroy your campaign.

If you would like to start getting the absolute most from your Google or Facebook advertising, contact the leaders in digital marketing at Allcorp today. We can do an audit on your current campaigns and suggest ways of improving. We can also let you know where the AI systems have potentially crept in and how much advertising waste you are currently spending.

Have you got a stalled website project with another agency?

We've heard a lot about the astronomical wait times being experienced by many businesses in the region. Bring your project to us and we'll get it done before EOFY!

Back in October last year we wrote an article about the new media gang; Advertising Agencies made up of the refuse left over from the departure of the old media enterprises such as the phone books, newspapers, TV and radio stations. These abandoned sales people had seemingly setup trendy new design agencies, which we reported would most likely be disappearing within the first year – some already have.

We’ve heard some real horror stories about these agencies. From stealing grant money and shutting up shop or simply being unable to manage projects efficiently. One very common theme we’ve been picking up on is the time it has taken for these new agencies to actually get a project off the ground. Some of their clients paid deposits on their projects more than 6 or even 12 months ago and are still waiting for their project to be completed.

The usual excuses coming from the agencies is that they are waiting on content or photography to get the project started. Started?! They haven’t even started yet and have been sitting on a client deposit for months making their client miss out on prospective sales and leads.

website designer in cairns and townsville

At Allcorp, the average turnaround for one of our class leading website launches is 2 weeks. So 14 days and our team can write all of the content, arrange all necessary photo and video shoots, design and develop the website and launch it online.

The reason why we can get things done so quickly is because we do everything there is to do on your new website and Google Ads/SEO in house, locally. We have local people who do everything who are all employed in our team. Compare this to the new agency model which relies heavily on sub-contractors in other parts of Australia or, indeed, the world, to produce their work, and you get a bit of an idea why they struggle so much to get the work out.

If you have already paid a deposit to an agency for any type of digital marketing and nothing or very little has been accomplished then it is possible that you may be eligible to request a refund from the agency. Then you are free to move this crucial part of any business marketing strategy to us and we can guarantee that your project will be completed 100% by the end of the financial year so you can maximise on your tax benefits too.

If you want some help transitioning to Allcorp so that you can actually get your website and online marketing completed and bringing your business a return, give us a call or make an online enquiry today.

We've launched our video production studios to deliver even better services locally

Now businesses can use a local supplier for class leading video production and YouTube advertising placement

Throughout the year we’ve had a lot of enquiries from clients who want to reach a wider audience with YouTube video placements. Looking into this realm further brought our attention to the lack of local videographers providing these services for the needs of Cairns & Townsville local business owners.

Knowing how important the production of the video is to converting views into customers, we decided to expand our service offerings to now include a complete turnkey, video production and YouTube marketing service.

Now, local businesses don’t have to find a video team from Brisbane to come up and shoot professional video content for their marketing and can choose a local team of video content producers.

website designer in cairns and townsville

We’ve brought these new services into our portfolio because of 2 main reasons. Firstly, Allcorp are the most experienced Google Partner in the region. We’ve been partners of Google since the Google Partners program began. Google, being the owners of YouTube, have opened up the doors to Allcorp to be able to place video content on their platform.

With our long term relationship with the team at Google HQ we’ve had some great insights into the best way to manage this advertising for our clients. With the growing audience of YouTube it makes sense that these services will benefit our clients.

Secondly, we’ve seen over the years that Search Engine Optimisation is greatly helped by the addition of video into websites. As Allcorp are the leading provider of SEO in the region it makes sense that we can help clients with the production of creative video elements to use in their websites.

With Google being the number 1 ranked website on this planet, and YouTube being the number 2 ranked website, it makes sense that any business owner explores the benefits of advertising in these spaces. Couple this with Allcorp’s 22 year history in the digital marketing industry and our long term relationship with Google it is easy to see who your ideal marketing agency is.

.au domains have been released meaning Australia can now drop the .com from domain names

Secure your .au domain name today and connect it to your website and email accounts

For the first time in our history, Australia will soon be able to drop the .com from our domain names with the launch of .au domain names.

If you can demonstrate that your business has a connection to Australia, you will be able to purchase .au domain names. This is the first time that .au domain names have become available. This is due to extensive studies and research by the auDA, the organisation who manages and oversees Australian domain names.

Businesses and associations that already have a domain under or will have first option to register the corresponding .au website in the six months after the launch. So if you have an existing or domain name, chances are your .au domain is already reserved for you up until September.

It's up to each individual business as to whether they want to register this additional domain prefix, but we recommend every business does as it will protect your own brand and identity and, assuming .au is the way forward and we aren't using the .com/.net derivatives any longer, it will keep your business relevant to expectations.

website designer in cairns and townsville

We also know that businesses with the and domain extensions have proven to be friendlier to localised search engine optimisation, so securing this additional .au domain name can prove to be beneficial, especially if SEO is on your agenda.

We mostly recommend that people secure their domain names that are directly related to their existing and domain names for the purpose of protecting their identity and branding.

If you would like to secure your .au domain name today and get ready for the new standard for the future please give us a call today and we'll be able to help you get your new .au domain name under your ABN number and also make it function with your existing website and email hosting.

Still advertising on television and radio?

You can spend your advertising budget on either annoying people with ads that are unsolicited or by making your business discoverable when someone is actually interested in your services

The redundant customer demographic is still watching TV and listening to the Radio, while the cashed up consumer you really want to attract has already made up their mind and are looking for businesses with whom to spend money.

10 or 20 years ago we all were told what to watch and what to listen to and on what schedule. Remember rushing home to watch the latest episode of Friends or The X Files while listening to the local radio station in your car? How things have changed since then.

Today we aren’t told when we can consume content, whether this is by listening or viewing, as YouTube has surpassed traditional television programming and Podcasts give us all the aural content we can imagine. Better yet, the new way of digesting content has made it so that we can see and hear what we are really interested in and importantly, when we want to.

This new media freedom has changed the effects that traditional advertising has on audiences and demographics are shifting. The people who have the money to spend are more savvy and connected than ever before and have pursued this more modern approach to marketing.

website designer in cairns and townsville

Now businesses don’t have to annoy thousands of people just to find the handful of potential candidates who really want to spend money with them. Who really likes advertising? When you are watching a television show and the advertising comes on, isn’t that annoying? Listening to your favourite song on the radio, only to have your fun immediately derailed by a brash and uncouth ad yelling ‘Free steak knives with every tyre purchase,’ is only going to annoy people.

The smarter way to advertise your business is to make it findable when people are actually interested in your services. For instance, why not market the Google search term ‘Townsville tyre deals’ and be found online by people expressing interest in this particular service. Instead of annoying 50,000 people to source the couple who are interested in this product, you can actually just target the couple. What this means is you spend a whole lot less on your marketing and the people you are spending money to attract are a much more qualified potential lead.

Of course all of this clever marketing that we can manage for your business is fully dependant on your website. There’s no point spending money to entice a highly qualified potential customer to a website that isn’t pulling its weight and turning your paid lead into a conversion.

And that’s where you can benefit from working with us at Allcorp. We have the formula that works and have helped thousands of local businesses find the smarter way to spend their advertising budget.

Get in contact with us today and speak to someone who has real world experience with helping local businesses achieve excellent returns on their marketing budgets while also saving them money. See how you can save money while improving your customer base. One thing is for sure, we’ll never advise a client market themselves on traditional radio and television – let us show you the data and statistics that prove this reality with a free consult today!

Getting busy into our 22nd year as the leading digital marketing agency in North Queensland

We’ve been developing relationships with local business clients in the region since the year 2000

All the way back in the year 2000, Allcorp was established and our main objective in business has always been professional website design and development. Throughout the years we’ve added on services to complement our website design such as becoming the first Google Partner in the region and also showing support for the business community with our sponsorship of the Cairns & Townsville HIA Awards.

Add on class leading photography and copy writing, an industry leading website server network and renowned customer service skills and you have a business which is not only leading the way in our field, but also developing robust relationships with our clients.

Of the 9 new website projects we published in January, some are brand new clients who have just joined the Allcorp family, some have been with us for a few years and 2 represent clients we’ve had since the very beginning.

website designer in cairns and townsville

We first started working with Pacific Radiator Services in Cairns back in 2001 and the business now known as My Ute Rentals in Townsville back in 2002. These businesses are like most of our clients in being family owned businesses and, as we’ve been looking after them for the last 20 or more years, we’ve seen them grow and evolve being with them every step of the way. Even when the next generation takes the reigns of the business from their predecessor parents, the levels of trust and quality that Allcorp have been providing remains.

It's a humbling thought to look back on the projects we were delivering to these clients from when it first began and the leaps and bounds the technology has taken us into the future. We’ve helped thousands of local businesses reach their marketing potential by use of the internet and have grown older and wiser along their side.

We are very appreciative of all of our clients, whether new or old. By choosing to use Allcorp for your website and marketing needs means you are aligning your business with a local family team who will be there to look after you for many years to come.

So to all the clients we are looking after, thanks for supporting our little family business for the past 22 years and we’re looking forward to further developing relationships for many years to come.

Happy new year fromt he team at Allcorp

We're looking forward to celebrating our 22nd year in business with some great new innovative digital marketing projects.

Please check back here soon to see all the latest updates.

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What our clients say about us
"We've been in business for close to 30 years and the best thing we could have done is have Allcorp refresh our brand and create our new website."

Ash and Michelle Moseley
Ash Moseley Homes
"Allcorp are nothing but amazing! So responsive and seem to make magic happen on our ever changing website and google ads! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat."

Megan Thomas
AG Height Safety Queensland
"Allcorp have amazing customer service. They treat you like family and are always on top of making sure everything is running right to suit your business needs."

Mark Leitner
Pickers Vinyl & Canvas
"We couldn't recommend Allcorp enough. They go above and beyond to help with all enquiries, they have impeccable customer service and always do it with a smile. Great company to do business with."

Shannon Craven-Sands
Coral Coast Airconditioning
"I really appreciate all of the excellent work and extreme efforts from Allcorp. I can tell the difference already as work has picked up another notch again. We're very busy! "

Jeremy Spence
Neptune Refrigeration
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Here are a few of our latest website design projects
A selection of website designs by Allcorp from last month

All of these projects have been managed from start to finish by our local team. At Allcorp we are the local choice for professional website design.

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