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29.10.08 Record New Clients

We have been extremely busy in the last 2 months with a record number of new clients in such a short time. In the months of September & October we developed 24 new web sites for local businesses in Cairns & Townsville.

It is good to know that North Queensland businesses are still prioritising their advertising, particularly through the internet medium, and that the name that first comes to mind when undergoing such a project is Allcorp Advertising.

On top of our busy months developing new professional web sites we have also been doing a lot of print and other development work.

25.08.08 Print Advertising

In the last few weeks we have been doing a lot of print design work for things like business cards, flyers and brochures. This work has been commissioned by our current clients and we'd like to let all of our clients know that if you want professional print design work as well as viable printing costs then talk to us first.

Not only will your printed advertising follow your current image, it will also look a lot more professional.

18.07.08 IT People In Advertising

Having as many clients as we do and covering a vast region we often get correspondence from IT businesses to our clients forwarded to us. These emails usually pick at the web site saying it is missing "insert random useless IT phrase here" and that it is important that a web site have these key elements.

Usually these emails are forwarded to us by clients just so we can get a laugh. At the end of the day our clients have great looking web sites which also work.

The IT industry is not a communications industry and therefore has no place in advertising and marketing - which is what web sites are. At Allcorp Advertising we do use IT staff to work behind the scenes, but these people have absolutely nothing to do with copy writing, photography and design because, as a rule, they are not creative people.

19.06.08 Optimising eBay Stores

Allcorp Advertising is now offering eBay store owners the chance to make their stores really shine with our eBay store optimisation service.

The problem with the eBay layout is that it doesn't really allow a store owner the freedom to get away from the boring confines of the eBay layout. We can now design a striking and impactful layout for any eBay store that will make it stand out from the crowd and instill more trust in customers.

One of the recent eBay stores that we have designed can be seen by clicking here.

If you want to make your eBay store look better than the rest, or are thinking about starting a new store please contact us to discuss how we can help you get the edge by having a more professional image.

16.05.08 Cairns Secondhand Online

Allcorp Advertising has been working closely with a new client who has launched an online trading web site for the local Cairns area. Cairns Secondhand Online allows users to log in and upload images and descriptions of their items that are for sale which are then listed in one of the many sections to be easily found by purchasers.

Like the newspaper classifieds but with the main difference that buyers can actually see what they are considering buying and more efficient than the national and worldwide second hand trading web sites in that buyers are able to pick up their items straight away and not have to worry about the rammifications of slow delivery, dishonest merchants and the uncertainty of the overall quality of their uninspected purchase.

Because Cairns Secondhand Online is a local site it will make buying and selling items of value in Cairns much easier.

25.03.08 Manage Your Own Web Site

Allcorp Advertising has had a lot of success in building web sites that feature owner managed sections. Particularly important for the retail industry as a way of promoting specials and monthly deals, these user managed sections are built securely and in an easy to use format for our clients to use.

Of course we still offer all of our clients the benefits of free monthly alterations to their web sites but these user management sections open new doors to clients who need the flexibility to change things on the fly, any time of day or night.

Included in the pricing of this uniquely inexpensive web site option is all training and documents to ensure the client knows exactly what they are doing. We are also available to give telephone support or on site support should the need arise.

If you have a web site that could use both a professional redesign then maybe you should chat to us and find out how you can get a new web site by the North's leading web development company and get an upgrade as well?

18.02.08 Newsletters Prove A Success

Allcorp Advertising has built up a strong reputation for producing professional newsletters for businesses to keep in touch with their current as well as their prospective customers.

Allcorp Advertising handles everything for our clients in the production process including copy writing, interviewing customers & staff, photography as well as the final proofing and printing work.

We have been dealing with a lot of the local car and motorbike yards with these newsletters and the businesses that we are working with find that the end result is a positive influence on their recipients and is more than helpful in maintaining working relationships with all customers.

29.01.08 Busy Start To The New Year

2008 is upon us and it seems there wasn't a holiday at all and with our commencement of work on January 14th we have been flat out looking after our clients.

Thanks to everyone who made our 2007 the best year yet and we are looking forward to 2008 with some positive changes and developments to keep all our clients up to date and on track with the best advertising solutions in North Queensland.

There are some very big projects that will be unveiled throughout the early course of this year and we will keep everyone informed as these exciting developments take place.

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