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Check out what's new in the website design and marketing industry in Cairns & Townsville
14.12.10 Successful Acquisition of Lotsa Web Services Means 150 New Clients

Allcorp Advertising has now without question positioned itself as thelargest local web development firm operating in North Queensland withthe successful purchase and migration of the Lotsa Web Servicesclientele.

Allcorp Advertising now boasts over 480 local North Queensland hosting clients with more than 1000 domain name registrations that we manage here locally in our Cairns & Townsville offices.

This recent addition means an overall increase of more than 33% in overall revenues and has increased our footprint in the local internet development and design industry to an overall dominant share. This means that when investing in your business web presence there is only one choice if you want reliability and longevity from your web sitedeveloper. Allcorp is now the largest and longest standing web designbusiness operating in both Townsville and Cairns.

04.10.10 Web Site renovations

With the ever changing face of the computer industry and the rapidobsoleteness of equipment it is expected that a web site will probably age very quickly and require some sort of refresh within 4 or 5 years. This is also made a necessity by the natural evolution of a business.

With this in mind Allcorp Advertising provides our clients with an efficient and affordable web site refresh service where for as little as $440.00 we can completely renovate your current web site and redesign it in keeping with industry trends and your current business image.

We can also update the site photos by booking an appointment with our in house photographer and modify the site copy with the assistance of our full time copywriter. Contact us today to make your booking and start 2011 with a brand new web site.

13.09.10 Stay in touch with your clients with a regular newsletter

A good way to keep in regular contact with your clients is through the use of a regular newsletter that you can mail out periodically whether by email or regular post. Obviously this type of communication requires the continuance of professionalism as demonstrated by your businesses other advertising modules.

Allcorp Advertising has significant experience in not only designing striking and visually appealing newsletter formats but also in the strategic planning of content, copy writing to ensure all the right selling messages are included, as well as photography and distribution.

This type of newsletter communication can act as a simple way of keeping your clients thinking of your business. Contact us today to discuss how cost effective and streamlined this process can be.

19.07.10 FCK Editor - Control Your Web Site Content

The FCK editor (Named after its creator Frederico Caldeira Knabben) is a popular addition to many of our new web site projects as well as an upgrade to existing client pages. Basically the FCK editor gives clients the ability to control the content of one or a number of pages in their web sites.

The FCK editor is an ideal option for people considering CMS (Content Management System) web sites as it enables the same functionality of CMS with the added benefit of having a web site that looks both unique and professional. Due to CMS web sites being template driven they all end up looking the same while an Allcorp design site with FCK enabled offers clients the best of both worlds.

We can option an FCK editor to any new project as well as upgrade any existing web sites for as little as $330.00. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

14.06.10 Another Financial Year Over

Yet another financial year is drawing to a close and Allcorp has increased annual revenues every year for the last 10 years. This proves that there is still confidence in the marketplace with wise spending and shows that when financial turmoil strikes, such as the GFC, it sorts out the competition.

Recently we have had a handful of new important clients make the intelligent move to Allcorp from one web developer in the Cairns region. All of these new clients had much the same take on rating the quality of the services offered by this previous company stating that service had worsened and costs had increased in the past 24 months.

You can benefit from switching your web site development services to Allcorp Advertising because you'll be dealing with one of the most experienced, creative and forward thinking design businesses in the local industry. Contact us today and get the upper hand over your competitors.

29.05.10 Welcoming Our New Cape York Clients

The Allcorp reputation for designing professional web sites with a proven success record has reached to the Cape with 10 new web site clients either currently under development or already completed from this area.

The Allcorp brand is already well known in areas such as the Torres Strait and the South East corner of Queensland and this continued success in broadening our footprint only helps to exemplify the adage that when entrusting your business advertising dollar to an agency it is imperative that the choice is made to go with a proven entity.

With over 10 years experience in our profession we are the most experienced and successful locally owned and operated web site development firm in North Queensland. Choosing us is choosing to deal with the innovator rather than the follower.

29.03.10 Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

Allcorp now has a money back guaranteed way of listing web sites in the major search engines for all clients. While most of our sites have a favourable search engine listing it is sometimes necessary to become a bit more competitive with your search engine rankings.

Our new search engine optimisation system is a sure fire way of getting your web site on the front page of Google and the entire process only takes 2-3 weeks to begin working.

Due to our volume of clients and our extensive history in the web site design market we have built up a network of specialists who can offer us services at prices the others can't receive. This means that you're sure of getting the best price and all the latest industry trends from us.

To launch our advanced search engine optimisation program we are having a special limited introductory offer for the month of April. Please contact our studios to find out more.

20.01.10 Beware Of Template Site Builders

A template web site is a web site that is constructed in a live online environment from a range of different available designs. These sites are much akin to buying a web site from a catalogue where you can browse through different designs and choose the one you feel best suits your business image.

Template sites are very cheap, and it shows. They are the IT man's way of designing a web site. Because they can't design something custom for a client they refute to simply borrowing or buying someone else's work.

Template sites not only look terrible but they also don't work. They are not search engine efficient nor do they contain a marketing focused copy writing program as 'IT Man' can't address these areas for your business. Yes, we do employ IT staff at Allcorp, but we try and keep them separated from having anything to do with client liaison and we never let them have anything to do with the design or copy writing for any project.

It needn't cost a fortune to have your site custom made and you'll benefit in the long term from having a web site that actually works. If you are contemplating using one of these inferior template web site programs please have a talk with us first. As the largest local web development firm operating in Cairns & Townsville our company has more experience and therefore a better market perception as to how best market your business to your target audience.

2010 sees the usual new web site 'design' (And we use this word in the loosest sense) businesses start operating and, as we have seen in our more than 10 years in this specialist and creative industry, most of them will be gone by the end of the year. If you choose one of these template builders to represent the image of your online presence where will you be when they are gone and your investment disappears and you have to start again? The logical choice is to just do it right the first time.

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What our clients say about us
"We've been in business for close to 30 years and the best thing we could have done is have Allcorp refresh our brand and create our new website."

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Ash and Michelle Moseley
Ash Moseley Homes
"Allcorp are nothing but amazing! So responsive and seem to make magic happen on our ever changing website and google ads! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat."

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Megan Thomas
AG Height Safety Queensland
"Allcorp have amazing customer service. They treat you like family and are always on top of making sure everything is running right to suit your business needs."

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Mark Leitner
Pickers Vinyl & Canvas
"We couldn't recommend Allcorp enough. They go above and beyond to help with all enquiries, they have impeccable customer service and always do it with a smile. Great company to do business with."

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Shannon Craven-Sands
Coral Coast Airconditioning
"I really appreciate all of the excellent work and extreme efforts from Allcorp. I can tell the difference already as work has picked up another notch again. We're very busy! "

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Jeremy Spence
Neptune Refrigeration
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Here are a few of our latest website design projects
A selection of website designs by Allcorp from last month

All of these projects have been managed from start to finish by our local team. At Allcorp we are the local choice for professional website design.

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