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A record month of new websites and our new Account Director getting things done

The month of May was a big one for all of us at Allcorp with the biggest number of new websites and associated marketing campaigns launched.

It just so coincides with the commencement of our new Account Director, Tiffany Marcantelli, who has years of experience within the marketing and tourism industry with key roles being centred around business development and client liaison.

Now, with this skillset heading up the management of accounts at Allcorp we expect to see a lot more websites going online at the betterment of our clients’ needs.

Helping your business get the right advice from online marketing

There is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace when it comes to your online marketing needs and requirements and it is Tiffany's goal to assist your business to cut through the misinformation and find a solution that accurately suits your business needs.

As we are the only website design company in the region who is a certified Google Partner we already have the edge on the rest when it comes to successfully putting a marketing strategy together for your website, but there are other areas in which we can help as well.

We are the only local website design company who is producing fully responsive websites for all devices. This includes mobile devices and tablets, regular computer screens and the current range of UHD devices that are becoming mainstay.

Couple this with the other services and products that we provide and it is clear to see that there is no other solution for designing your new business website other than Allcorp. (Unless you want to get a Sydney/Melbourne based business to work with.)

Another 'old media' circles the drain as Channel 10 announces it's losses of $232m in the 6 months prior to February 28, 2017
We've seen it with the phone books, now it's another old media's turn to die with commercial free-to-air TV the next endangered species.

With Channel 10 announcing its half yearly losses of $232m it's clear to see that businesses are finding more ways to effectively market themselves and voting with their cheque books. Channel 10 certainly seems to be in a lot of trouble and it is another example of a business not being proactive to the future.

To put it into perspective, in the same time period this year Google's value was at $795b. (With a "B" for Billion) Or, more interestingly, a value that could buy the losses of Channel 10 more than 3,300 times and still be worth in the billions of dollars.

The changes in how consumers react to advertising has been happening for a long time - but old media didn't react to it fast enough

From this news it's clear to see where businesses are investing their advertising budgets. And it's in the medium that gives evident returns. We have seen an increase of more than 40% in our Google SEM division in the last 12 months and this has been a similar growth trajectory since we became Google Partners.

The simple fact is that today, this type of marketing works and it is also affordable. It brings results and when our clients see the benefits they are receiving from the Google marketing we do for them they are more confident to step away from old media such as the phone books, television and newspapers.

If you want to discuss the concept of proactively marketing your business with Google give our office a call and arrange an appointment with one of our Google SEM experts to find out more. Our contact details can be found at the base of this email.

A case study of how online advertising with the phone book companies could be doing your business damage and costing much more than it should.

As we have all become aware, advertising in the printed pages of a phone book is well and truly a thing of the past. Even the phone book businesses know this is true as they have refocused their attention primarily on the online sector.

So what are the disadvantages of entrusting the phone book businesses into looking after your online marketing footprint?

We have recently begun discussions with an Accounting firm here in Cairns who is using the online marketing services of the Yellow Pages, White Pages and Local Search. They also have a small business card sized ad in one of these phone books.

A simple Google search of the business name brings up their listings in these directories. Which is good. That’s what they are paying for. The below image shows how this search displays their business.

The listing displays the most information about the business with some wording about who they are and what they do along with contact information, all contained in an unbranded and unexciting layout that the production team are synonymous with.

The White Pages listing just shows some contact information and things really get interesting with the listing. This listing, which is being paid for by Phillips Accountants, also features, in a much more prominent area on the listings page, a giant banner advertising their competitor with a call to action for people who have been searching for Phillips Accountants to visit the competitor instead.

The below image shows how their listing appears.

Assuming that the majority of people searching for an accountant or indeed, this particular business, are using a Google search, it is correct to say that the investment they outlay each year to be found by such a search is being semi-successful.

However, there are some major drawbacks to this in three main areas.

Firstly, their business isn’t being properly displayed both visually and content wise. There are no selling messages or any type of visual impact to give every opportunity for a potential client to make contact with the business.

The second major drawback in that some of the online marketing they are paying for includes advertisements to competition businesses.

And thirdly is the cost. What we have seen similar businesses paying for this intermediate level of marketing with the phone book media is approximately $6,000 per year.

A better idea!

First, we would advise the client to drop everything with these phone book businesses. It is an overspend on an extremely inferior product.
Have a professional website designed by us as your local Google Partner (We’ve been doing this much longer than those businesses anyway and we are definitely more experienced). We can assist with professional copywriting, commercial photography, design and development services to produce you a class leading website design that has a visual and content statement that will give your online presence the best chance of bringing in potential leads and enquiries.

The best thing, though, is that we can do all of this for you from less than $2,000. (That’s a once-off spend, not every year) and your new dedicated, professionally designed website will outrank the directory websites in Google searches due to the way they are put together.
So your business can achieve much better results in every area and save money. And you can finally be free of the phone book businesses and their substandard online solutions and redundant printed books.

Talk to one of our local website consultants today and see how you can achieve much better results for a lot less money.

To give you an idea of what results can be achieved see the below Allcorp project from earlier this year. Millar Teitzel Accountants in Mareeba had us design their new website. A similar Google search as we performed for Phillips Accountants in Cairns returns the results as in the attached image. And it costs much, much less than what the phone books are offering.

Introducing our new account manager, Adrienne Green

Adrienne is a very experienced media account manager who came to Allcorp from a successful career with News Corp. Being one of the high achievers in the print media world her talents will go a long way to ensuring our clients get the most out of the new digital media we provide.

Adrienne will manage our existing client portfolios as well as handling all new client liaison. Working from our Cairns office alongside our existing account manager, Scott Godfrey, the account managers at Allcorp provide a valuable service to clients who are utilising our website design and Google marketing services by acting as a conduit between the production team and the customer. Allcorp are the only company of our type in the region who adopt this approach.

Over the coming weeks Adrienne will be making contact with all of the clients in her portfolio and we are sure that her expertise and professionalism in the media industry will further assist our clients, both old and new, to attain the best ROI on their marketing and advertising investments.

Being an expert in Google marketing and having undergone an extensive training schedule with Allcorp in website media, Adrienne is highly capable with managing your business’s online marketing and assisting your business in getting exceptional results.

Amazon is coming to Australia signing the beginning of the end for the retail giants

In the news today it reported how Gerry Harvey (Of Harvey Norman fame) was in the media spotlight showing how he isn't afraid of the potential damage the arrival of Amazon will spell for the retail markets in Australia. It is obviously a media campaign that is stirred by the PR company of the retail behemoth that is Harvey Norman, however there were some very interesting points made in the article by Melbourne Business School Adjunct Professor Mark Ritson.

In the article he said “All of the big retailers have strategy teams that have been working for many months on how they will respond to Amazon. Instead of trying to beat the company at its own game, Australian retailers needed to differentiate themselves through their product ranges, merchandising, service and loyalty programs."

In the same article there was a quote from Dan Rabie (The chief operating officer at cloud-based accountancy software firm Reckon) who said "For Australia’s retail industry to survive Amazon’s arrival, small businesses must learn to become more tech savvy."

The message in the article was that business needs to be proactive to change rather than waiting for it to occur and being reactive to it.

When we look back on our own dealings with clients in 2016 we saw firsthand how the clients who were proactive to the coming changes that we notified everyone of (such as Google expectations changes the way websites are made for use on mobile devices and the burgeoning advances toward websites that will work across UHD devices, to name a few) did benefit from being early adopters of what was on the horizon and experienced greater efficiency of their online marketing as a result.

While the article quoted is mainly about super-corporations being attacked by mega-corporations like Amazon, the message is still the same for all of our small/medium business clients here in Queensland. Like the big boys, being proactive as to how the world in which we do business is changing will yield the ultimate benefits.

Having your website made by an overseas company can cause problems

We recently heard of a business in the area who are operating under the illusion that they are a local website design and Google marketing business who subcontract all of their work to an Indian business. We heard about this after dealing with one of their ex-clients who came to us for assistance after experiencing a lot of problems with their service and product.

The problems they experienced ranged from the obvious issues of the language barrier, with many spelling and grammar errors in the finished website, to the problems they had getting any follow up edits made to the finished site.

The reality was that the person they were dealing with really had nothing to do with the production of the website. All they did was provide a sales service and then email everything over to an Indian business who put everything together for them.

It is important that if you are approached by a business who is offering you any Google marketing or website related services that you ask the salesperson where their production is sourced. If they say that it is overseas then you are better off avoiding dealing with them. What will invariably happen is that the source of their production, in this case a person in India, will eventually move on to something else. When this person is no longer contracting to the salesperson who sold you the website you will no longer be able to make changes to the site because the person who was doing this is thousands of kilometres away and doesn't want to cooperate.

The salesperson who sold you the website is of no use because they don't know what they're doing and can't help you either - If they could why would they be subcontracting the work to another country in the first place?

At Allcorp we are one of the few website design and Google marketing businesses in the region who produce all of our work in house. Everything is done locally and the staff you deal with are all local as well. We are also the most experienced and have a 17 year track record of providing reliable service to our clients. This means your investment is safe and will always be looked after by our local team.

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